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  • Tropico 6: Viva La Revolucion!
    Czas: Apr. 2, 2019 Od: SCDKey

    Hardcore fans agree that, while most global urban planning and management simulators surpass or exceed the depth and ambition of Tropico 6, the competition suffers from the style and humor of the Tropico series.

    Tropico 6 Steam Key cleverly adheres to the philosophy of not fixing what is not broken and brings all fans of the franchise to know and love, and brings some additions that renew the basic experience without sacrificing brightness and charm. existing. sacrifice.

    Although some players have problems that are difficult to ignore and it is unlikely that any kind of music will be knocked down, Tropico 6 is an attractive and comical simulation worthy of the players' time.

    Since the launch of the series, Tropico has focused on the concept of giving players the opportunity to fill the bright shoes of The President, the absurd but accurate caricature of a dictator who runs up and down in an island country. Caribbean.

    This is still the case in Tropico 6, except that the future Banana Republic of El Presidentes is located this time in an archipelago that can be connected through bridges and ports.

    In later times, the player must retain his power by winning elections in the tenth year by all available means, thus avoiding the omnipresent threat of popular rebellion.

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