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  • The Outer Worlds - Out of this World
    Czas: Dec. 9, 2019 Od:

    The Outer Worlds Epic Key is a complete video game based on a simple question: what would happen if Amazon dominated the cosmos? The game takes place in a semi-dystopian future where companies and not nations dominate entire planets. Man is only a commodity without individualism: it is only an extension of his corporate lords.

    With The Outer Worlds, Obsidian has developed a role-playing game with tons of satirical jokes that creates a unique gaming experience in its humorous and accelerated style that is a critical confrontation with capitalism through the joke lens and a whore. good confrontation in one part ROLLING GAME. Both result in a surprisingly delicious and unique mix.

    The Outer Worlds are a mixture of the best obsidian talents. It is a fusion of everything they have done so far, and there is not much risk involved. But the result is a good example of a proven method.

    In essence, The Outer Worlds Obsidians is a unique answer for modern Fallout shooters. It is also an ode to these old role-playing games of the past, where skills are combined in an extremely synergistic manner, which often results in incredibly impressive constructions. The type of games where experimentation is the key, where the possibilities are numerous and where everything seems significant.

    If you're looking for a classic obsidian role-playing game with obvious accents, The Outer Worlds is for you. Although it is an FPS, it is not really an action game. It is a game that mainly involves tactical strategies instead of big goals. Its base is its construction quality and the synergy of its team.

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